The Company

Maguire Capital Group is an independent, multi-faceted, family-run investment firm specializing in diversified real estate and venture capital investments. The family has a sundry background in product-related operating companies in the licensed/branded Toy and Apparel industry. We are experts in retail and in CPG.

Born and raised in NYC, Maguire’s principles have a local expertise and knowledge of the individual markets both popular today and tomorrow.

Maguire’s Real Estate acquisitions team focuses on specific sub-markets in New York City. Our local expertise and presence produces strong relationships with owners and brokers, and an understanding of the recent history and trends of neighborhoods and surrounding properties. Maguire also has first-hand knowledge of the office, retail, hotel and residential segments of the market, providing for accurate underwriting of various scenarios and business plans for each potential acquisition.

Maguire - Real Estate

Maguire boasts state-of-the-art, visually distinguished properties. We continue to strive for excellence in our focus on the growth of established and emerging areas of New York City such as the Flatiron district and the west side of Manhattan, respectively.

Our goal is to invest, operate and develop our portfolio across all property types with efficiency and exceptional quality. Our main focus is to acquire retail properties with great hidden upside.

We have the ability to finance new construction, revitalize existing space with the best infrastructures along with high-end build-outs.

Maguire believes in building exceptional relationships with teams on the acquisition, lending, retail, and brokerage side. It is imperative for us to build trust in our partners in order to furnish long term, mutual success.

Marvin Azrak & Sons Foundation

The Marvin Azrak & Sons foundation was formed in the early 90’s by the Azrak family. It was, and still is, used as a vehicle for the family to give collaborative-contributions across a spectrum of charities in need.

From hospitals and schools, to people in need of everyday necessities like food, clothing and shelter, The Foundation believes that there is an opportunity in our own backyard to help out. Victor Azrak has made it his duty, both within the foundation and outside of it to help struggling business leaders succeed.